Driving fatigue increases after the Spring transition to Daylight Saving Time in young male drivers: A pilot study

Orsini F, Giusti G, Zarantonello L, Costa R, Montagnese S, Rossi R Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour The Spring transition to Daylight Saving Time (DST) has been associated with several health and road safety issues. Previous literature has focused primarily on the analysis of historical crash and hospitalization data, without investigating specific […]

Working Memory in Patients with Varying Degree of Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE): A Pilot EEG-fNIRS Study

Zarantonello L, Mangini C, Erminelli D, Fasolato S, Angeli P, Amodio P & Montagnese S Neurochem Res It is known that patients with covert hepatic encephalopathy (CHE) exhibit working memory abnormalities, but to date there is no study comparing patients with cirrhosis with/without CHE and controls with both electrophysiological and hemodynamic data collected at the […]

Hepatic encephalopathy increases the risk for mortality and hospital readmission in decompensated cirrhotic patients: a prospective multicenter study

Riggio O, Celsa C, Calvaruso V, Merli M, Caraceni P, Montagnese S, Mora V, Milana M, Saracco GM, Raimondo G, Benedetti A, Burra P, Sacco R, Persico M, Schepis F, Villa E, Colecchia A, Fagiuoli S, Pirisi M, Barone M, Azzaroli F, Soardo G, Russello M, Morisco F, Labanca S, Fracanzani AL, Pietrangelo A, Di […]

Drosophila Mpv17 forms an ion channel and regulates energy metabolism

Corrà S, Checchetto V, Brischigliaro M, Rampazzo C, Bottani E, Gagliani C, Cortese K, De Pittà C, Roverso M, De Stefani D, Bogialli S, Zeviani M, Viscomi C, Szabò I, Costa R iScience Mutations in MPV17 are a major contributor to mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) depletion syndromes, a group of inherited genetic conditions due to mtDNA […]

Special Issue: Pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of hepatic encephalopathy

Montagnese S, Lauridsen MM Metab Brain Dis No abstract available Full text