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Drosophila Mpv17 forms an ion channel and regulates energy metabolism

Corrà S, Checchetto V, Brischigliaro M, Rampazzo C, Bottani E, Gagliani C, Cortese K, De Pittà C, Roverso M, De Stefani D, Bogialli S, Zeviani M, Viscomi C, Szabò I, Costa R


Mutations in MPV17 are a major contributor to mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) depletion syndromes, a group of inherited genetic conditions due to mtDNA instability. To investigate the role of MPV17 in mtDNA maintenance, we generated and characterized a Drosophila melanogaster Mpv17 (dMpv17) KO model showing that the absence of dMpv17 caused profound mtDNA depletion in the fat body but not in other tissues, increased glycolytic flux and reduced lifespan in starvation. Accordingly, the expression of key genes of glycogenolysis and glycolysis was upregulated in dMpv17 KO flies. In addition, we demonstrated that dMpv17 formed a channel in planar lipid bilayers at physiological ionic conditions, and its electrophysiological hallmarks were affected by pathological mutations. Importantly, the reconstituted channel translocated uridine but not orotate across the membrane. Our results indicate that dMpv17 forms a channel involved in translocation of key metabolites and highlight the importance of dMpv17 in energy homeostasis and mitochondrial function.

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