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Clinical value of asterixis in 374 well-characterised patients with cirrhosis and varying degree of hepatic encephalopathy

Formentin C, Zarantonello L, Mangini C, Angeli P, Merkel C, Montagnese S

Digestive and Liver Disease

Current guidelines for the diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy (HE) include the clinical sign asterixis, which defines grade II overt HE in the absence of disorientation to time [  ]. Asterixis has also been used as an outcome in clinical trials [  ]. However, limited information is available on the ability of physicians to detect/grade asterixis, and the relationship between asterixis and other clinical or quantitative HE indices. The aim of the present study was to retrospectively assess the clinical value of asterixis in a large population of well-characterised patients with varying degree of HE.

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