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Sleep & Rhythm

Rhythmicity is inherent to all living forms, which are built for different activities in the light of the day and at night, when it is dark. The genetic and molecular bases of such rhythmicity, which is called “circadian”, remain only partially understood. Data has started to emerge on the health consequences of disturbed rhythmicity but less attention has been devoted to the impact of specific diseases on rhythm generation itself.
We attempt to address these complex issues on a collaborative, interdisciplinary basis, from bench to bedside.

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Visiting Professor’s Bill Schwartz third lecture

“Circadian Clocks, Couples and Communities” will be held on July 15 at 12 at the Department of Biology (Aula seminari II – piano sud) – do come along!

Visiting Professor’s Bill Schwartz second lecture

“The man who had an upside-down circadian clock” will be held on Wed 10 July at 1 pm at the Department of Medicine (Piano 8 Policlinico, Aula A) – please join in!