How do the circadian clock, the social clock, the sun clock, time zones and DST interact? Researchers address numerous common fallacies and suggest how problems associated with DST and time-zones can be solved based on circadian biology.





Nobel2017 Michael Young receives a honorary PhD at UniPd

Impressive ceremony and tremendous lecture – what an occasion!

Watch the whole ceremony on:

UniPadova Visiting Professor 2019 Bill Schwartz

June – July 2019: Professor Bill Schwartz teaching in Padova – what a fantastic scientist, physician and educator!

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#GALILEO17 – Festival dell’Innovazione

3 April 2017 ….. Padova is Circadian!

Sleep & Rhythm Retreats 2013-2017xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Once a year we spend a full day together in a quiet place analysing data, discussing ongoing projects and planning our next moves.

The 1st congress ‘Sleep and Rhythms in Medicine’

The congress ‘Sleep and Rhythms in Medicine’ was held on 15-16 October 2013, in Padova, Italy, one of the oldest medical schools in the world. The objectives of the congress were to provide a forum for scientific discussion on major sleep topics, and also a bridge towards hospital practice and specific clinical applications.